Telehealth services and virtual nurse programs didn’t just kick off when coronavirus hit in 2019. It had existed a while before that, but not many people knew of it or about it.

Maybe that’s why you’re inclined to know how to use virtual nurses and telehealth services.

So, to what should you pay attention?

This article will show the core benefits of telehealth and a simple trick you could use when looking for a professional telehealth service provider.

Let’s start with the beginner’s guide to telehealth.


Beginner’s guide to Telehealth

Virtual nurses and Telehealth service is essentially the use of digital information and communication technologies to access health services. That includes your phone, PC, and anything that makes internet communication possible.

These technologies do not end with your communication device. In providing a reliable health service, you might have to add a couple of medical techs into the mix.

Let’s look at the typical way telehealth could help you if you were a diabetic patient.

With the help of a mobile phone or any device with good internet connections,

●        Set up a profile and upload complete food logs, medication usage, and blood sugar levels.

●        Submit your log and recordings to a virtual nurse for review. (Watching online videos on carbohydrate counting could also help you record accurately and precisely)

●        By using online apps, you could also estimate how much insulin you need, based on your diet and level of exercise.

●        Use the online patient portal provided by your virtual nurse or telehealth service to evaluate test results, request prescription refills, and schedule offline and online appointments. There’s also the gracious option of emailing your doctor as the need arises.

●        The virtual nurses can also serve as viable for ordering, testing supplies, and medications online.

●        There’s also the option of getting mobile retinal photo screening at your online doctor consultation hours.

●        Rather than scheduling an appointment with a specialist.

Telehealth is also called e-health or m-health, which are acronyms for electronic health and mobile-health, respectively. Technically, this means health at your fingertips.

But would you seize it?

  What Can Telehealth Do for You?

Many people confuse telehealth for telemedicine which means they accept on-point results at all times. Sadly, that’s not the case.

The objectives of telehealth are not the same. Telemedicine categorically offers only remote clinical services and virtual medical care for patients. At the same time, telehealth cuts into the generality of virtual health services, including non-clinical services.

With that in mind, it’s only right that you’d want to know precisely how telehealth can benefit you.

Most telehealth appointments are likened to normal appointments; patients can have personal conversations with virtual nurses and doctors on-demand over a phone or video chat.

To take it a step further, doctors can also take some virtual assessments with your help in carrying out minor health checks like BP tests, blood sugar tests, temperature checks, and symptoms diagnoses.

See, it’s not as hard as you thought. It’s like going to see your doctor, except that you’d have to imagine that the doctor was in the room with you. You will have to answer a series of questions, and your ability to answer them correctly would guarantee a successful diagnosis.

At the end of such consultations, you might get a medical prescription or reference to the nearest health center depending on your symptoms’ doctors’ interpretation.

You could also ask questions if anything seems unclear. Generally, it should be an interactive session as your virtual nurse or doctor aid is giving their best shot at understanding your symptoms and pains.

Telehealth is regulated, and every stage of the process has rules the doctor might have to adhere to. These rules vary from state to state. Yes, the doctor might not be able to give some prescription or health advice unless your state law permits it.

  What are the Core Benefits of Telehealth Services?

Pandemic or not, we can agree that telehealth services are at the core convenient. If you haven’t tried it before then, you answer this: Have you ever had a hard time chit-chatting with your friends? What about romance chatting with your lover(s)?

Well, it’s comparatively that easy!

I do not need to get you started on the importance of on-demand health services, especially during emergencies that could suffice odd hours of the day. It’s such a relief to know that someone is on edge to help squash that emergency as they rise.

Matter of fact, you could be on a world tour, or out of town, or busy with work. As long as you’ve got an internet-enabled device, you could have your favorite doctor tend to you as the need arises.

Additionally, telehealth could help you save a chunk of cash as you’d get to override the unnecessary entry point fee as in regular walk-in hospitals.

Also, it could help you build a good healthy habit which means healthier patients meaning there’d be a reduction in the sick population and emergencies that the hospital would experience in the nearest future.

  The Simple Trick to Finding a Professional Telehealth Provider

Are you concerned that you’ve contracted COVID-19? Or are you pumped for some of the actions of health at your fingertip? Then, maybe you are a good subject for telehealth services.

There are several approaches you could use when looking for a professional telehealth provider. There are several online resources at your disposition to find a telehealth provider.

The Telehealth Resource Center gives users the luxury of searching by map or using the Telehealth Certification Institute. The telehealth certification institute operates as a search engine that allows users to narrow down their criteria or location and type of service.

Alternatively, you could just contact an everyday hospital and inquire about the offer of telehealth services.

  VerdictTelehealth is great for convenience, and even as a first-time user, a lot of satisfaction is guaranteed as it would save you from the hassle associated with using a regular hospital. But don’t limit yourself to telehealth, especially in cases where you show severe health conditions.

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