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Medical Receptionist Virtual Assistant

Whether you’re a physician, dentist, or mental health professional, having a medical receptionist on your team can make all the difference. But oftentimes, having these experts in the office isn’t the right decision, so a Medical Receptionist Service is the best choice. Here at Virtual Nurse Rx, we provide you with a virtual medical receptionist that can transform your practice. And better yet—our Virtual Medical Receptionists (VAs) are REAL registered nurses!

Virtual Medical Receptionist Service

Add a U.S.-Registered
Nurse to Your Team

In your medical practice, you look for team members who understand medical terminology and know what it’s like to work in a medical setting. When you integrate one of our skilled, professional Virtual Medical Receptionists into your practice, you’ll receive an experienced nurse—possibly one with decades of experience. Not only can this medical expert handle those mundane administrative tasks, but they can also answer phone calls, conduct patient screenings, and so much more.


Common Duties Performed By A Virtual Assistant Receptionist

As a doctor, your schedule can fill up very quickly. In order to provide exceptional care for your patients, having a skilled support team is vital. When you choose Virtual Nurse Rx’s Medical Receptionist Service, you’re not just choosing experienced virtual assistants to join your team—you’re choosing actual registered nurses with a background you can trust.

Verifies patient




phone calls


Conducts patient


administrative tasks


prescription orders


Acts as a physician's


patient notes


Uploads documents
into your EMR system


Getting Started with a Virtual Medical
Assistant Registered Nurse

If you’re looking to add a knowledgeable, skilled virtual receptionist to your team, the process is easy and straightforward. Follow these steps to hire your virtual receptionist ASAP:

We Find
Your Top Talent

After learning about your needs, we’ll scan our database to find you a registered nurse that’s best suited for the role. As our nurses have various backgrounds, we’ll find talent that fits seamlessly within your practice.

Your Needs

After joining our network, we’ll talk with you to discuss your needs. Whether you’re a dentist, mental health professional, or any other doctor, we have solutions for you. We’ll ask you various questions to determine what you look for in a medical receptionist RN

The Job

Once we select the perfect virtual medical assistant for the job—and you approve—they’ll get started ASAP! And just like that—you’re ready to enjoy the many advantages of having a virtual assistant U.S.-registered nurse.

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