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Telehealth / Telemedicine Support Virtual Assistant

Telehealth and telemedicine are more prevalent than ever before. Rather than going to a doctor’s office, people all around the world are receiving professional care from the comfort of their own homes. However, as telemedicine is gaining in popularity, medical professionals need a virtual assistant RN by their side.

Our Virtual Assistants Are U.S.-Registered Nurses

Unlike other VA providers, Virtual Nurse Rx has real U.S.-registered nurses as our virtual assistants. When you add one of these professionals to your team, you’ll get a skilled, knowledgeable nurse that’s eager to help. They know important medical terminology, understand how to care for patients, and they’re experts in telehealth services.

Role of a Telemedicine Virtual Medical Assistant

With the help of Teramind, we
make sure your practice stays
focused on what matters
most—taking care of patients.
Rather than hiring virtual
assistants with no security
measures in place, choose a
provider that considers data
security as a top
priority—Virtual Nurse Rx!

Support with answering
phone calls


Conducts patient


Informs and
educates callers


Gathers information
about the patient


Assesses medical
history and patient background


Provides preventative screening services


Responds to


Assists doctors with


Finding You the
Virtual Assistant RN You Need

When you choose Virtual Nurse Rx, you’re choosing an organization that wants your practice to succeed. That said, we’re happy to find you a qualified U.S.-registered nurse to join your team. We take the time to listen to your needs, then we’ll select a virtual assistant RN with the background and experience you can trust.

As telehealth is becoming more common, many of our nurses have in-depth knowledge about this area of medicine. Not only are they comfortable speaking with patients in a virtual setting, but they also consider patient care as the #1 priority. In addition, they can even help with the documentation process—taking notes and uploading them into your EMR system

Finding You the
Virtual Assistant RN You Need

As doctors are busier than ever before, they need a dedicated support team to provide the best patient care possible. If you’re looking for a detail-orientated, professional virtual medical assistant with years of nursing experience, Virtual Nurse Rx would love to help. Our skilled nurses can help you boost productivity, increase patient satisfaction, and take your practice to new heights.

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