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Security / Compliance

As security and compliance are vital at your medical office, Virtual Nurse Rx uses sophisticated technology to ensure your valuable information stays confidential. Before you hire one of our virtual assistance professionals, they all undergo in-depth training to ensure your organization stays safe and protected. 

Our Virtual Assistant RNs Keep Your Practice Safe

When hiring a virtual medical assistant, you always have to think about data security and protection. After all, a data leak could be detrimental to your practice. To keep this valuable information safe, Virtual Nurse Rx uses a forensics monitoring and data loss protection platform. If the platform suspects a data breach, it’ll identify the breach and work to tackle the problem immediately. As cybersecurity threats are very prevalent in this day and age, you need all of the protection you can get. The platform also features real-time staff monitoring, risk analytics, and much more! 

Virtual Nurse As Security and Compliance

Benefits of Hiring Our Security - Focused Virtual Assistants

With the help of the platforms, we make sure your practice stays focused on what matters most—taking care of patients. Rather than hiring virtual assistants with no security measures in place, choose a provider that considers data security as a top priority—Virtual Nurse Rx! 

Less worry about
security breache


Peace of mind
knowing data is saf


Allows you to hand
off more tasks


Provides protection
during critical administrative duties


Greater efficiency
as a practice


Less time spent
on security training


Better patient


Ability to utilize
innovative security technology


Security Measures In Place By Our Virtual
Assistant RNs

As data protection holds the utmost importance at your medical office, we take pride in having a high-level process for keeping data safe. Our virtual assistants undergo in-depth training in regards to data security and protection, and they follow a strict safety process at all times. Here are some safety measures taken by our virtual assistant professionals:
Virtual Assistant Service

Working in
Private Rooms

Our virtual medical assistant professionals are all required to work alone in a private room during working hours. This helps to keep confidential information safe.

Technology In Use

We’re happy to use an innovative forensics monitoring and data loss protection platform which also ensures we always stay compliant.


When there’s potential for cybersecurity issues, quick detection is crucial. Here at Virtual Nurse Rx, our platform alerts us if someone shares sensitive information over the internet. We detect when confidential info is sent via email, and we can also identify when sensitive files are downloaded.

VPNs Used By All
Virtual Assistants

Our VAs use virtual private networks (VPNs) to keep your practice protected. VPNs work by redirecting your internet traffic to appear as if it’s coming from a different location. These networks also encrypt the information sent across the web, which makes this data impossible to reach by cybercriminals.

Certified and
HIPAA Trained

When we hire our virtual assistant U.S.-registered nurses, they go through an in-depth training process. They learn about cybersecurity threats, how to spot them, safety practices, and much more. In addition, our VAs are all HIPAA compliant

To learn more about security and compliance here at Virtual Nurse Rx, contact us today.