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Have you ever thought about adding a patient coordinator virtual assistant to your team? By choosing Virtual Nurse Rx, you’ll not only receive a qualified virtual assistant—you’ll receive a real registered nurse! From screening patients to offering treatment advice, our virtual nurses can act as the perfect patient care coordinator for your team.

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When you hire a virtual medical assistant, they sometimes don’t have the experience you need. But here at Virtual Nurse Rx, our registered nurses have years of expertise in the field. Furthermore, they’re also knowledgeable about working in a virtual setting. If you’re searching for a qualified patient coordinator virtual assistant to take your team to the next level, contact Virtual Nurse Rx today.


Duties of a Patient Coordinator Registered Nurse

Taking care of our health is vital, so that’s why it’s essential to receive care when we need it. However, as medical costs can add up quickly, having health insurance is a must for most people. In order for patients to receive these coverages when they matter most, you need a trusted insurance verification professional by your side.

Handles routine
patient scheduling task


Reviews test
results with patients


Gathers important patient information


Uploads documents and files into your EMR system


Offers new patient intake support




Supports various administrative duties


Benefits of a Patient Coordinator
US-Registered Nurse

An experienced virtual patient care coordinator nurse can be just what your practice needs. Not only can these experts increase patient satisfaction, but they also provide the following advantages:

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When your office is running more efficiently and patient satisfaction is high, you may have the opportunity for growth. This could include hiring additional doctors, offering more services, or opening up a new office. With the help of a U.S.-registered nurse virtual assistant, the possibilities are endless.


With a virtual medical assistant by your side, they can take several tasks off your plate. As the documentation process for doctors can be extremely time-consuming, our nurses are standing by, ready to help

Patient Care

As a medical practice, providing exceptional care is always the primary concern. But when your schedule is busy, your patients may not receive the care they deserve. After Virtual Nurse Rx assigns you a skilled virtual medical assistant, the patient experience at your practice can drastically improve.

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