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Insurance Verification Virtual Assistant

Allow our virtual assistant registered nurses to handle all of the mundane insurance verification tasks. As this is a vital aspect of your practice, you need a dependable and professional team of virtual assistants by your side. These specialists speak with patients about insurance, contact insurance companies, and handle the entire verification process.

Why Choose a Virtual Assistant RN for Insurance Verification?

Insurance verification is a very important job, but the tasks can take a great deal of time. As your calendar may be packed with appointments and your team is busier than ever, calling insurance companies and dealing with the verification process is time-consuming. Here at Virtual Nurse Rx, we have a team of skilled virtual assistant professionals who can handle insurance verification and other related duties with ease. And not only are they trusted virtual medical assistant experts, but they’re also REAL registered nurses! They know the medical terminology, understand the insurance verification process, and—most importantly—they know how to effectively care for patients.


Role of an Insurance Verification Registered Nurse Virtual Assistant

Taking care of our health is vital, so that’s why it’s essential to receive care when we need it. However, as medical costs can add up quickly, having health insurance is a must for most people. In order for patients to receive these coverages when they matter most, you need a trusted insurance verification professional by your side.

Communicates with patients regarding insurance


Calls insurance companies for verification


Submits insurance claims on behalf of patients


Fills out any necessary insurance forms


Handles the authorization process


Deals with the time-consuming verification tasks


Works with the
billing department


Analyzes accounts
to check for insurance fraud


Informs and educates patients about insurance


Gathers information from the patient


Handles other
tasks as needed


Qualities of an Insurance Verification
Virtual Assistant RN

Virtual Nurse Rx has a team of dependable registered nurses with years of experience. All of these specialists undergo expert-level training, and they’re also very knowledgeable about the insurance verification process. But that’s not all—our registered nurse VAs also have the following qualities:

Insurance Verification Virtual Assistant

Communication Skills

As a typical day involves speaking with patients, calling insurance companies, and handling the documentation process, having top-notch communication skills is very important. Not only does this boost the patient experience at your practice, but great communication skills also improve the level of productivity.

to Detail

Every single detail is vital in the insurance verification process. If something is missed, that could cost your practice thousands of dollars. Our virtual medical assistant professionals are real registered nurses, so they pay close attention to every single detail.


As an insurance verification expert has several duties, staying organized is key. Since all of our Insurance Verification Virtual Assistants (VAs) have an extensive background and years in the medical field, they understand the importance of staying organized.

Find Your Insurance Verification Virtual Assistant RN Today!

Virtual Nurse Rx has a large team of experienced nurses just waiting to help your practice thrive. To find the ideal insurance verification expert for your organization, contact us today.