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Virtual Nurse Rx has a team of registered nurses who can help you run a more efficient practice. These professionals work alongside doctors during patient exams, providing reliable documentation in real-time. By watching and listening to your patient needs, our virtual medical scribes are a vital asset to your team.

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When you choose Virtual Nurse Rx, a reliable Medical Scribe Company, you’re choosing an organization that employs real registered nurses. Not only do these experts have the background you can depend on, but they also consider patient care as the top priority. Our virtual assistant professionals are exceptional note-takers, and we can even upload documents into your EMR system.
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Benefits of a Real-Time RN Virtual Scribe

One of the most time-consuming aspects of your job involves taking notes and uploading them into the system. Here at Virtual Nurse Rx, a reliable Medical Scribe Company, we handle it all for you. As you’re focusing on your patient’s needs, we’re taking all of the necessary notes and adding them into your EMR system. This can save you 2-3 hours a day!

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Professional documentation services


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You’ll work with a real registered nurse




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RN Virtual Assistant: A
Time-Saving Solution

Administrative tasks are quite possibly the most time-consuming aspect of your job. While you provide the best care imaginable for your patients, the documentation process can sometimes get in the way. Choosing our Medical Scribe Service and adding a virtual medical assistant to your team, can take hours off your plate every single day. When you’re conducting a patient exam, our medical scribes are right by your side, listening, taking notes, and understanding your needs. While you’re focused on doing what’s right for your patient, note-taking can become a distraction. Virtual Nurse Rx allows you to focus on what matters most—giving patients your full attention. This can help you to provide the best care possible!

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When you hire an in-person scribe, the costs can add up quickly. This involves expenses relating to space, equipment, and amenities. Other than our small fee to use Virtual Nurse Rx, our Medical Scribe Services have no added or hidden costs. As your budget can tighten in a hurry, we’ll find you the perfect virtual assistant scribe that can take your practice to new heights.

Our Scribes Are Real
Registered Nurses

Unlike other virtual assistant providers, Virtual Nurse Rx has a large team of real-world registered nurses. These professionals understand medical terminology, know the importance of effective note-taking, and they’re always focused on helping the patient. When you have a virtual RN working alongside your team, your practice can thrive.

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If you want to elevate the patient experience and boost efficiency at your practice, our virtual assistant medical scribes are standing by ready to help. Even if you want to take notes yourself, our platform can automatically upload them into your database. Virtual Nurse Rx is a secure, HIPAA-compliant platform that can help your practice succeed. Schedule a call with us today for more information!

Virtual Nurse Rx is a secure, HIPAA-compliant platform that can help your practice succeed. Schedule a call with us today for more information!