With the recent update, Virtual Nurse Rx can provide VAs who specialize in working with medical and mental health professionals and perform necessary clerical and administrative tasks associated with EHRs (electronic health records).

More details can be found at http://wlfpk.co/Iv2h1gYH

The updated services are in response to recent studies from the American Medical Association that have found that most doctors spend more than 50% of their workday on EHR tasks. This significantly cuts into their available time to interact with their patients and give a proper and thorough diagnosis. The same AMA study found that these clerical tasks are associated with the increasing rates of physician burnout in the country today.

Aware of this, Virtual Nurse Rx now provides an extensive range of medical virtual assistants – from medical receptionists and nurse coordinators to AAPC-certified medical coders and billers. All of the assistants from the group are registered nurses who have undergone training in practice management, EMR, and EHR. Further details can be found at http://wlfpk.co/Mm79goSv

The company explains that they only hire the top 3% of medical virtual assistant RNs who apply. This is to ensure that healthcare practice owners are matched with qualified VAs who can provide expert-level medical support.

Virtual Nurse Rx follows a three-step process. First, clients meet with a virtual nurse coordinator who is the main point of contact. The VNC manages, trains, and audits the assigned virtual medical assistant. Then, healthcare practice owners are assigned a VA, with a backup RN just in case, who has been chosen based on the client’s requirements. Lastly, the medical VA begins to work and provides the support that owners need to optimize their internal processes.

The platform is HIPAA-compliant, and all project managers are based in the United States. Bilingual assistants in English and Spanish are also available.

A spokesperson said, “Virtual Nurse Rx offers personalized medical assistant services for medical and mental healthcare practices. We prevent physician burnout by taking over administrative tasks.”Interested parties can find more information by visiting http://wlfpk.co/tgcOs8wu

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