A 2017 AMA study recorded how the time spent on electronic health record (EHR) tasks contributes to the high levels of physician burnout. The outcome of this particular study suggests delegation of many of these tasks will free up doctors. One potential means of doing so is to hire a virtual assistant for healthcare tasks. This will help with the overwhelming sense of frustration that can result in medical professional burnout.

What Is a Virtual Assistant for Healthcare?

Doctors spend an inordinate amount of time handling administrative tasks. To avoid such routine tasks interfering with the delivery of health care services, a medical professional can hire a virtual assistant – one whose training is specifically focused on medical systems, EMR, EHR, and related software. As the name indicates, the assistant works virtually, i. e. remotely.

Tasks Performed

A virtual assistant can address a variety of tasks. These can range from general administrative tasks to medical live chats. Overall, a virtual assistant for healthcare professionals can involve any or all of the functions listed below:

Advantages of a Virtual Assistant for Healthcare

The very nature of a virtual assistant provides the doctor with several advantages including:

The overall result of saving time, money, and energy is a reduction in stress and, therefore, a reduction in the possibility of burnout.

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