The benefit of a virtual medical assistant is that they can fulfill a wide array of roles within your organization. Moreover, because they’re trained to fill multiple roles, they can be deployed on an as-needed basis, which is a very cost-effective solution for small healthcare clinics that may not have the resources to recruit full-time staff for each and every job that a clinic needs to run.

Turn Your Clinic into a Full-Service Practice

Among the many roles a virtual medical assistant is trained to take on, there are some that are absolutely central to modern healthcare management. For instance, virtual medical assistants are highly trained at acting as medical receptionists and patient coordinators; this means that they’re able to schedule appointments for you, manage patient check-ups and follow-ups, and coordinate with patient pharmacies, and more, so that you can focus more on direct patient interactions. They can even handle the intricate and precise data work required for medical coding and insurance verification to ensure that your office gets reimbursed from a patient’s insurance provider, with no unforeseen hiccups. They can even sit in on patient meetings with you, acting as a real-time medical scribe that can update your EMR system in real time with all the most critical info you need to know about a patient’s symptoms, history, and care plan.

Expand Your Hours without Expanding Your Payroll

One of the real benefits of going with a virtual medical assistant, though, is their ability to keep your practice moving even after you’ve closed down your physical space for the day. Because virtual medical assistants can work from a variety of time zones, it’s possible to keep your practice going around the clock, with services like telehealth assistance, telephone triage, and even medical live chat. Imagine the benefits to your patients of being able to call your practice after hours, or go to your website after hours, and instead of having to leave a message and wait to hear back from someone later, they’re able to talk right then to a licensed nurse who can do basic triage and advise them on whether or not more urgent follow-up is needed? This is the kind of patient-centered care that becomes possible when you work with a virtual medical assistant.

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