Training to become a therapist typically does not include the basics of running an office and a business. As a therapist, your focus is on the mental health and wellness of your clients, not on paperwork, documentation, billing, and scheduling.

Most therapists spend approximately 20% of their scheduled time at their practice completing administrative tasks. For some therapists, this means blocking off a specific amount of time per day to complete notes, respond to emails, and manage billing and other tasks. For others, the routine may include not seeing clients for a day or two half days throughout the week and using this time for administrative essentials.

Regardless of how the administrative time is distributed throughout the day or week, it is time that limits your ability to work with patients. It is also time that is draining, frustrating, and often highly repetitive. In many cases, therapists are using manual processes to complete some of these repetitive tasks that could easily be automated with the correct software and setup.

Free Up Time With a Virtual Assistant for Therapists

Hiring an experienced virtual assistant for therapists is a cost-effective option to deal with the vast majority of all administrative tasks. These professionals have experience working in the mental health field, which means they understand the basics of running your office and managing the day-to-day aspects of documentation, record keeping, scheduling, contacting clients, and working with suppliers, insurance providers, and others.

These virtual assistants are also well-versed in software solutions to automate many administrative tasks. They can set up the software and customize the program to provide an effective way to keep in touch with clients, confirm appointments, send reminders, and even allow your clients to reschedule within your allowable timeframe automatically. The virtual assistant can also answer calls and reach directly to clients to provide that personal touch.

Keep in mind, our virtual assistant for therapists customizes their services to meet your needs. We know the questions to ask to help determine where we can support your therapy practice and free up your time to focus on client care.

To learn more about the benefits of a virtual assistant in your therapy practice, reach out to our Client Happiness team at 813-461-7572.

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